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Friday, January 21, 2011

High Gear

We're just a few days away from the release of our band's second EP.  "Trial + Virtue, Volume One" is coming out on Tuesday the 25th and we've tried to get the word out as well as we can.  One thing is obvious to us at this point; it's easier to promote something that is already available than it is to promote something that hasn't been released yet.  Perhaps the most frustrating part is that we won't know how effective our efforts have been for another few weeks.  But we are excited!

Already, the focus of our efforts has shifted.  Now we need to address our merchandise.  Our goal is to have new and better "GOG" swag very soon.  Everybody knows about t-shirts, posters and stickers.  That's the easy stuff.  But we're looking at other items too.  How do we set ourselves apart?  Thongs?  Shot glasses?  We've probably considered two dozen different ideas.  A few of them are really exciting, but our fingers are still crossed because we need to make sure we're selling quality.  Whether its our music, performances, or merchandise, we're a group that believes in quality.  Unfortunately, quality adds work and increases cost, which is why we're just so darn busy all the time.

We're also looking at the possibility of another music video.  As many of our fans know, we already have a video for the song "Fight," off of our last release.  After that experience, music videos have been a touchy subject.  We spent a LOT of money on a video that didn't ultimately accomplish the goals we had for it.  Any time that happens in our camp, it means there's gonna be serious debate going forward.  We all see the value of a good music video, but we also don't want to repeat previous mistakes.  We have some very talented filmmakers offering to help, which might ultimately make the decision for us.  Nevertheless, we'll probably have heated debate over it for the next two days before we make a call.

Otherwise, we've had a bunch of cover gigs (which is how we all pay our bills) and have started on even more new music.  We're really excited that we might have finally secured a rehearsal studio space that will be "command central" of everything we're working on.  In 3 1/2 years, we haven't really had a place to really call our own.  If it happens, things will only move that much faster.  Of course, our "bat cave" will be a super secret location, only revealed to those who can recite pi to the 100th digit while doing jumping jacks on the back of an alligator.

So start practicing, ya'll.


  1. The music video thing: there's this new trend where amazing bands like Duran Duran, Royksopp, OMD, etc... hold contests where their fans create videos for the band. All info is on Genero.Tv. <3 @Bond_Vagabond aka Veronica

  2. Merch Idea: Koozies! Also I agree that the fan video contest is a great idea.