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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daytona WinterJam

We recently traveled to Daytona Beach to perform as part of the WinterJam Festival.  Anyone who has seen our YouTube channel (youtube.com/ghostofgloria) knows that when we're traveling, things get a little crazy.  You may expect me to tell you crazy stories about how our hotel room smelled like wet farts or that we scared the living crap out of an entire Friendly's restaurant.  But no, I can do one better.

You see, on the day of the show, we had to load in our equipment to the festival stage at 8 am.  Once we realized that the majority of the other bands had totally disregarded the instructions to load in at the break of dawn, we promptly parked our trailer and headed off to eat breakfast.  Believe it or not, we are notorious for being one of the few bands that show up on time, follow instructions, etc.  We have yet to see the benefits of this, but we continue to play by the rules regardless.  Wasn't it Woody Allen who said 80% of success is showing up?  Well, we are pretty darn successful.
Anyway, back to the story.

We enthusiastically roll into the Friendly's restaurant next to our hotel.  Once inside, Jeff orders a stack of chocolate pancakes with ice cream and cool whip on top and chocolate syrup to pour all over it.  While we marvel at Jeff's awesome food borne prowess, Mark C begins to tell us the story of his dream the night before.  Last time Mark had a dream, I became convinced that we had been abducted by aliens during the night, so you know its gotta be good if he's sharing it.

Mark's dream began with an angry phone call from Mark P.  Apparently there's a show starting right now and Mark C is sitting at home, totally unaware that he had somewhere to be.  He finally arrives at the show and all three other bandmembers glare at him.  Throughout the show, just nasty, malicious staring right at him.  Mark C feels terrible but at the same time begins to think that the guys are overreacting about a simple mistake.

After a not so great show, Mark returns home and feels compelled to check our Ghost of Gloria blog, which is normally attended by Mark P.  He is shocked, even furious, to see that the blog is titled:

Really, I can't say much more than that.  It is more awesome than anything I could possibly come up with on my own.  I would have named the actual blog post accordingly but didn't want to cause confusion right at the outset.  Let it be known that Mark C is indeed a douche.

Hey, his subconscious said so.

To speak more realistically about the weekend, we had a good time and were treated exceedingly well by all of the event staff.  We didn't end up in the red after travel and associated expenses... a rare feat for a band like ours.  So kudos to the people at WinterJam for being supportive of what we do.

Since then, we have put a great deal of effort toward getting some good shows together.  Unfortunately we haven't had any to announce yet other than April 24 in Sarasota, FL with Eye Empire.  But rest easy, we are working hard to get some good shows to showcase some of our new material.  When all the pieces are in place, you'll be the first to know.

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